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The Grey Panther

Having saved up a fair few credits, the time has come for Commander McCarter to ditch the Sidewinder and purchase his first ship.

Cargo and courier missions aplenty, I finally managed to save up enough credits for my first ship purchase. I’m now the proud owner of a Viper MkIV. I’ve named her the ‘Grey Panther’. I picked her up from a station called Mastracchio Orbital in the Yuri Gram system for 437,931 credits.

Screenshot of a ship leaving a space station in Elite Dangerous

The Grey Panther

She’s a light fighter but can be customised as a decent little multipurpose ship, ideal for me to run cargo and explore a little too. With some additional cargo expansions I’ve been able to up my cargo capacity to 36 (previously 12 in the Sidewinder), and with much improved hull and shielding I’m now better able to protect those loads from pirates.

Now that I’ve got my first ship purchased, with some spare credits aside for insurance, the plan is to take a little exploration vacation. I plan to travel a little in search of new systems and stations. Travelling back and forth, I should be able to make a little profit by scanning star systems along the way and selling the data to Universal Cartographics.

At some point I want to learn about planetary scanning as well. Could be another good way to profit whilst I’m exploring.

I’ve recorded my ship purchase below for records and future reference.

Commander McCarter



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