Commander McCarter’s Bucket List

Commander Chas McCater’s bucket list of things to do, learn and accomplish in Elite Dangerous.

These lists are likely to be amended and added to as things progress and adapt. To be completed in no particular order.

Early Game / Short Term

  1. Read the knowledge base codex to learn more about superpowers, races etc
  2. Use the discovery scanner to scan uncharted star systems and sell the information to Universal Cartographics
  3. Complete a detailed surface scan of a planet (Hakkaia A 2)
  4. Purchase and modify a better ship for cargo/exploration (Viper MkIV)


  1. Destroy a pirate ship and collect the bounty
  2. Purchase a missile rack and destroy enemies with seeker missiles
  3. Engage ships in a conflict zone or resource extraction site
  4. Become competent in combat


  1. Own more than one ship
  2. Purchase a large cargo vessel for high capacity runs
  3. Purchase a high end multipurpose ship e.g. a Python or Krait MkII
  4. Customise 3 or more ships for specific purposes e.g. mining, transport, combat

Community / Reshape the Galaxy

  1. Take part in a community goal
  2. Join a faction
  3. Achieve a friendly rep with a base/faction Lone Rock/Othime Jet Dragons


  1. Complete a series of cargo runs
  2. Complete a smuggling mission / learn how to avoid detection
  3. Source and sell mining resources
  4. Make credits selling rare goods
  5. Become an Elite Merchant


  1. Identify and visit places of interest and photograph them with the cameras
    • Visit the Hyadum system, which has a gas giant less than 10LS from its star, which makes for some stunning views
    • Locate and visit Jaques Station in the Colonia system
    • Obtain a permit from the Federation and visit Earth/Mars (Sol System)
    • Visit Barnards Loop – an impressive cluster of nebulae
  2. Locate and establish a primary base of operations in a system rich with possibilities: close to asteroid fields, extraction sites, combat zones, unique planets/stations etc
  3. Master the analysis mode
  4. Visit an asteroid field (Othime system)
  5. Locate an asteroid base (Lone Rock)
  6. Investigate Guardians / Thargoids / alien ruins
  7. Become an Elite Explorer


  • Land on a planet and explore it
  • Learn to control an SRV, mine for materials etc
  • Locate an engineer


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