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CMDR McCarter Returns for Elite 4.0

After a lengthy vacation, CMDR Chas McCarter returns to Elite Dangerous for version 4.0, beckoned by a new calling…

The sound of leather as I rest my backside into the pilot’s chair of my Type-9. The thrum of the engine as I power up systems and run pre-flight checks. Damn, it’s good to be back.
CMDR McCarter

The Thargoid War is upon us…

With version 4.0 installed and ready to go, it’s time deep-dive into the latest major update of Elite Dangerous to see what’s on offer. According to Elite Dangerous News and the release notes, the update will include:

  • Fundamental and exciting changes to the galaxy
  • All new content and events
  • New content and gameplay for the ongoing Thargoid narrative

Thargoid Hunting

With the above narrative in mind, it’s time to ditch the Type-9 cargo runs momentarily and join the war effort. This ‘to do’ list will be the general driving force behind the next chapter in my Elite Dangerous story. At the time of writing this, I’m a simple novice at combat, in both rank and experience:

Purchase a new ship, to eventually use for Thargoid Hunting [COMPLETED]
Get a snazzy new paint job [COMPLETED]
Basic outfitting for standard combat
Master combat with flight assist turned off (for bounties/against normal ships first). Only FA-off gives players the manoeuvrability necessary to properly fight an interceptor
Design a new ship build (custom outfitting + engineering for Thargoid hunting)
Hunt first Thargoid ship – Thargoid Scout (easiest first)
Hunt Interceptor Thargoid ships (more challenging) in order of difficulty (Cyclops, Basilisk, Medusa, Hydra)
Support humanity in the Thargoid War effort and claim some bounties

Honey Buzzard (KR-MK2)

I’ve decided on my freedom-fighting ship of choice – the Krait MkII. She’s called ‘Honey Buzzard’, aptly named after the large bird of prey known for hunting wasps and hornets. She’s been treated to a lovely osiris black and gold paint job too, giving her the complete wasp hunter look. Time to get this bird kitted out and flight tested, before looking at a more bespoke Thargoid hunter build.

Thargoids beware!

A Krait MkII ship from Elite Dangerous

Honey Buzzard (Krait MkII)

Commander McCarter



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