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Asteroid Hop to Marsha Hicks

As part of a 21,979.44 ly trip to visit Marsha Hicks (engineer) in the Colonia Region, CMDR McCarter decides to break the journey down into an asteroid base-hop.


  • Andhrimi to Tir – 21,979.44 ly direct trip
  • Tir is an Independent system in the Colonia Region in the Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm
  • Will visit all asteroid stations en-ruite to visit engineer, Marsha Hicks in the Tir system
  • 28 (27 – Warinus) Asteroid Bases en-route (all to be bookmarked)
  • No universal cartographic data will be sold until the end point (economical routes for more data)
  • Elite Explorer rank a genuine possibility
  • Ship choice: ASP Explorer fitted with Guardian FSD booster

The Journey

All asteroid bases, in order of closest to Tir system:

Trip Number From To Distance (jumps) Completed
1 Bigg Pappa’s Base Greg’s Legacy 22
2 Greg’s Legacy Mitz’s Den 34
3 Mitz’s Den Leif Enterprise 6
4 Leif Enterprise Warinus 30
5 Warinus Aldrich Station Skipped (Pilots’ Federation District Permit required for Otegine system)
6 Warinus The Printworks 13
7 The Printworks Mike’s Rock 47
8 Mike’s Rock Lone Rock 31
9 Lone Rock Hannu Arena 108
10 Hannu Arena Miner Prospects 126
11 Miner Prospects Hustler’s Ambition 31
12 Hustler’s Ambition The Den 38
13 The Den Lemmy’s Rock 22
14 Lemmy’s Rock Harvard Base 64
15 Harvard Base Iris Vacations 300
16 Iris Vacations Elephant’s Trunk Mine 98
17 Elephant’s Trunk Mine Mammon Monitoring Facility 345
18 Mammon Monitoring Facility Sadr Logistics Depot 397
19 Sadr Logistics Depot Morgan’s Rock 870
20 Morgan’s Rock Medusa’s Rock 1054
21 Medusa’s Rock Attenborough’s Watch 820
22 Attenborough’s Watch Observation Post Epsilon 127
23 Observation Post Epsilon Omega Mining Operation 232
24 Omega Mining Operation Eagle Sector Secure Facility 166+
25 Eagle Sector Secure Facility Robardin Rock 4339
26 Robardin Rock Crevie’s Salvo 11
27 Crevie’s Salvo Moore’s Charm 10
28 Moore’s Charm TolaGarf’s Junkyard 5
29 TolaGarf’s Junkyard Tir system / Marsha Hicks 5

  • Osmium x10 purchased from Eevie’s Aegis (T1L-37G) | EOL PROU RS-T D3-287, to unlock engineer
  • Cartographics data sold: 121,521,179 CR



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