The Merchant’s Guild

Series: The Merchant's Guild (12)

  1. First Steps

    Having picked up his pilot’s license, Commander McCarter takes his first ship out for a spin, and begins establishing himself as a merchant in the LHS 3447 system.

  2. The Grey Panther

    Having saved up a fair few credits, the time has come for Commander McCarter to ditch the Sidewinder and purchase his first ship.

  3. Lone Rock: Base of Operations

    Having ventured out to explore the vastness of space, CMDR McCarter locates an alluring asteroid base in the Othime system and requests permission to dock.

  4. Making Rank

    Over the past few weeks, CMDR McCarter significantly progresses his rankings, with a large quota of successive cargo missions and bounties.

  5. Taking the SRV out for a Spin

    With a shiny new ship and SRV to test out, CMDR Chas McCarter was on the lookout for an interesting geological landing spot to set down by.

  6. The Bacon-Wang Run

    CMDR Chas McCarter finds a highly profitable cargo run, dubbed ‘The Bacon-Wang Run’.

  7. Asteroid Hop to Marsha Hicks

    As part of a 21,979.44 ly trip to visit Marsha Hicks (engineer) in the Colonia Region, CMDR McCarter decides to break the journey down into an asteroid base-hop.