Making Rank

Over the past few weeks, CMDR McCarter significantly progresses his rankings, with a large quota of successive cargo missions and bounties.

Current Ranks

  • Trade: Broker (27%)
  • Explorer: Trailblazer (86%)
  • Combat: Novice (3%)
  • Imperial Navy: Serf
  • Federal Navy: Petty Officer

Current Ships

Recent Accomplishments

  1. Promoted to the trade rank of Broker
  2. Promoted to the exploration rank of Trailblazer
  3. Invited to meet engineer, Tod ‘The Blaster’ Mcquinn, multi-cannon and fragmentation cannon specialist
  4. Federal Navy promotion to Cadet
  5. Federal Navy promotion to Midshipman
  6. Federal Navy promotion to Petty Officer
  7. Imperial Navy promotion to Outsider
  8. Imperial Navy promotion to Serf
  9. Issued Sol system permit!
  10. Eureka Mining Co-Operative reputation increased to ally

Quick Recap

With a new element of pirate activity to contend with in the HR 8514 system, this is the ideal opportunity to improve my combat rank and collect on some bounties. Doing so should improve my relations with the Eureka Mining Co-Operative. I’ll need to tweak my Viper to get the right balance between weapons and protection, keeping energy consumption relatively low to yield effective firepower and shielding.
CMDR Chas McCarter

Latest Chapter

On the ship front, I’ve traded in the Keelback for an Asp Explorer. It still works as a very capable little mining vessel but I’ve also increased my maximum cargo capacity and got a decent exploration vessel as part of the collection now.

Asp Explorer: ‘Dora’

It’s been a great period for me in terms of building up rank. As well as making Broker and Trailblazer I’ve ran missions for the Federal and Imperial Navys, to the point where I’ve now been issued a permit for the Sol system – a trip to Earth and Mars is on the cards!

I’ve finally picked up some combat experience as well, collecting bounties out of the HR 8514 system in my Viper. Not feeling quite so defenceless against pirate attacks now. It’s done wonders for my reputation with local faction, the Eureka Mining Co-Operative too, and opened up some new opportunities for profit.

Watch me in action as I take down a few wanted criminals preying on mining ships in a resource extraction site, and collecting a few decent sized bounties for my troubles:

Next Steps

Research next level fighters and freighters and continue to run cargo, mine and collect bounties to build up funding for my next major ship upgrade. With my newly acquired Sol system permit, it might be worth looking into travel distances – a trip to the birthplace of the human species could be on horizon.

Commander McCarter



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