The Merchant's Guild

The Bacon-Wang Run

CMDR Chas McCarter finds a highly profitable cargo run, dubbed ‘The Bacon-Wang Run’.

Delivering silver from Bacon Port (Gliese 868) to Fung Orbital (Lan Wang) – just 6 jumps in my engineered Type-9 at full cargo capacity – is bringing in a tidy profit of around 11.5M credits. Not too shabby, right. It’s a risky run with around 25M credits worth of cargo at the mercy of pirates, but so far it’s proving fruitful.

I’m now using Bacon Port as a temporary base of operations, having transferred all of my ships over to their hangers. It’s a huge system with plenty of potential. Once I’ve made my fortune on ‘The Bacon-Wang Run’, the various gas giants and mining spots of Gliese 868 are definitely worth investigating further. Worth noting that Fung Orbital has a black market too, could offer up another lucrative payday at some point.

But for now, I’m loading up the Type-9 and bringing home the bacon…

Commander McCarter



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