The Cornetto Series

Series: The Cornetto Series (10)

  1. The Winged Lions

    I’ve travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to ‘the floating city’ of Venice, in Italy. Canals, bridges and gelato aplenty, I hope to add ‘football’ as another thing this beautiful city is known for.

  2. An Italian Approach to Tactics

    As is often the case when I start a new save in a new country; I like to adopt a local, traditional style of football, or replicate my own spin on a renowned/innovative manager’s tactical approach that’s intrigued me. In this series, I’ll be going at it Italian-style.

  3. Tacopina’s Ultimatum

    A very challenging first season as manager of Venezia ends with a serious cloud hanging over my future.

  4. The 8 in 5 Challenge

    Following chairman Joe Tacopina’s ultimatum, I had just five games to save my job.

  5. From B to A

    Last year’s near sacking was all the motivation needed for a strong follow up campaign. Find out what happened as we wrap up season two of The Cornetto Series.

  6. Safety First (+ New Stadium Update)

    Assessing our second season back in the top flight of Italian football, in what was a gruelling campaign to chalk off season number four of the series.

  7. Targeting ‘Best of the Rest’

    We’ve reached the end of season five in The Cornetto Series. Venezia are now very much an established outfit in Serie A, but can they push on to the next level?