The Cornetto Series

Series: The Cornetto Series (8)

  1. The Winged Lions

    I’ve travelled across the Atlantic Ocean to ‘the floating city’ of Venice, in Italy. Canals, bridges and gelato aplenty, I hope to add ‘football’ as another thing this beautiful city is known for.

  2. An Italian Approach to Tactics

    As is often the case when I start a new save in a new country; I like to adopt a local, traditional style of football, or replicate my own spin on a renowned/innovative manager’s tactical approach that’s intrigued me. In this series, I’ll be going at it Italian-style.

  3. Tacopina’s Ultimatum

    A very challenging first season as manager of Venezia ends with a serious cloud hanging over my future.

  4. The 8 in 5 Challenge

    Following chairman Joe Tacopina’s ultimatum, I had just five games to save my job.

  5. From B to A

    Last year’s near sacking was all the motivation needed for a strong follow up campaign. Find out what happened as we wrap up season two of The Cornetto Series.

  6. Safety First (+ New Stadium Update)

    Assessing our second season back in the top flight of Italian football, in what was a gruelling campaign to chalk off season number four of the series.