Graham Potter-esque Tactics

A set of Graham Potter inspired tactics to help you dominate possession and win it back quickly.

Graham Potter side’s are tactically flexible; reliant on players who can fulfil multiple roles with interchangeable formations. This tactics page features two formations, similar to ones used by Graham Potter’s Brighton. Using matching instructions, these tactics allow the team to switch from 3 at the back (and 2 upfront), to 4 at the back (and a 3 pronged attack), whilst maintaining the same style of play.

Key Features

  • Possession based passing football
  • Quick counter pressing
  • Build from the back
  • Maintain possession
  • Limit opposition’s time on the ball

Notes from the Creator

These tactics benefits from players that can perform in multiple roles and positions, e.g. players like Dan Burn who can play as a ball playing left sided centre back, or a left wing back.

These tactics feature in the Pottering in Norway series, with Bryne FK. If you find it useful tell us about it in the comments below!



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