Mercenary for Hire

Visiting Diamond City

Mitch manages to reach Diamond City unscathed, but what did he find there and was it worth the trip?

Diamond City… the land of opportunity.

Mitch Gray, tooled up in Diamond City

It was a long and dangerous journey to the centre of the Commonwealth, but this place is an excellent find and well worth the trip. They’ve built up a thriving community here with lots of little stores and amenities. I should be able to find work here, as well as trade weapons, armour and medical supplies. I met a few of the locals too, including Piper (a news reporter) and Arturo (a local weapons dealer). Arturo’s got some decent gear and plenty of ammo. He was happy to purchase most of the unwanted loot I’d collected on my travels too.

Nick Valentine, private detective

It was important to get my name out there as a reliable merc so I took on a job (paid of course) to rescue a local detective called Nick Valentine, who’d gone missing during an investigation. The synth was being held hostage by mob boss Skinny Malone in Vault 114. I managed to rescue him and pick up some valuable loot along the way – those mobsters sure do like their sub-machine guns. Too loud and brazen for my liking, but they fetched a fair price off Arturo. A rescue job like that should do wonders for my local rep, and in Valentine I’ve acquired a useful ally. His office is in Diamond City and I’m welcome to pick up some cases from there anytime I want to earn a few extra caps.

After a long day killing gangsters and mob bosses I squeezed in a little R&R with a trim at the hairdressers! Had the beard I’d been growing-out shaped as well. With a more rugged look, I’m starting to feel like I belong.

Mitch Gray at the hairdressers in Diamond City




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