Mercenary for Hire

Ridding the Streets of Mutants

Mitch Gray has his first run-in with a group of super mutants, the perfect opportunity to test out some demolitions equipment.

On my travels I spotted of group of big green monsters, armed to the teeth. Having run a few missions out of Diamond City I’d managed to build up a tidy collection of demolitions equipment; mines, grenades, molotovs… this felt like the perfect time to test them out and rid the streets of some dangerous ogres. I figured they’d have some decent loot too.

It didn’t take much to coax the ugly beasts out of their camp, a few shots from my rifle seemed to rile them up pretty good. They’re not the cleverest, but they’re aggressive towards humans and a formidable size. A few less mutants ain’t a bad thing in my eyes.

Overall it was a pretty successful weapons test. The mines packed a heavy punch with plenty of bang for my buck. I got a little shock at the end though and had to defend myself in close quarters. Nothing like a reliable side arm in those situations, but I definitely prefer the safety of a long gun from distance.

I was able to record the assault of my pip-boy for future reference.


Loading holotape…



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