Mercenary for Hire

Gimme that Weave

Searching out the Railroad becomes a priority for Mitch, as he looks to acquire the ballistic weave crafting ability.
Desdemona from Fallout 4

Desdemona, leader of the Railroad

Having heard rumours of an underground faction called Railroad when chatting to some of the locals in Diamond City, I made the call to search them out.

Sources told me they possess blueprints for a special crafting ability known as Ballistic Weave, which allows you to massively improve the armour ratings on certain clothing items. That’d be incredibly useful with all of the demolitions equipment I handle. With bolstered armour ratings and my trusted sniper rifle, I’ll be a tough nut to crack in open-map skirmishes too, once I’ve found a good vantage point that is.

P.A.M. from Fallout 4

Mitch gets the lowdown on a Railroad mission from P.A.M. (Predictive Analytic Machine) at Railroad HQ

The ballistic weave is an armor mod that allows improved defensive stats to certain clothing items, including outfits, clothing that can be worn under armor and a small number of hats.
Fallout Wiki

They weren’t an easy find, but I managed to locate their hideout and convince them to let me join their group. I’ve no allegiance to them, their synth sympathisers after all, I just wanted that ballistic weave and then I was out of there. I had to complete a few missions for them; secure a few safehouses for P.A.M., place a few MILAs for Tinker Tom… eventually Tinker Tom (engineer, inventor, weapons expert) rewarded my efforts with that much desired pattern for ballistic weave.

Mission accomplished – time to find a workbench.


Ballistic Weave



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