Introducing Mitch Gray

Mitch Gray (AKA The Scaffolder) is a mercenary for hire. He’s a crack shot sniper and demolitions expert.

Mitch Gray, mercenary for hire

Mitch is an ex-military sniper, which is where he picked up his nickname, ‘The Scaffolder’, on account of his tendency to scaffold (climb) buildings to get the perfect shot. After many years of service, Mitch left the forces to run private security for anyone who could afford him. Since the nuclear holocaust and awakening from his vault, Mitch now sells his skillset to the highest bidder, in an attempt to establish himself as a reliable assassin in the new post-apocalyptic world.

Through military training, he’s both a crack shot with a rifle and a bit of a demolitions expert; if he doesn’t pick you off with his scope he’ll likely get you with a hidden mine or a cooked grenade. For close combat he prefers a trusted side arm pistol, to reserve carry weight for rifles and explosives.

Mitch is a feared and resourceful sniper with a growing reputation in the new world. When he’s not stalking prey you’ll often find him in Diamond City, where he like to trade goods with the local dealers and put his name about.

Mitch is primarily concerned with making money but is against the Institute’s use of Synths and would like to see their Robotics Department shut down.


Personality: Selfish, independent
Motivations: Caps and high value loot
Favorite Perks: Lone Survivor, Gun Nut, Science, Sniper
Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle
Favourite Companion: Dog Meat
Biggest Foe: Super Mutants
  • Grooming his mustache
  • Getting paid
  • Headshots
  • Modding weapons
  • Trading wares in Diamond City
  • Charity and freeloaders
  • Distrusts robots and synths
  • Power armour


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