Survive and Thrive: Episode 7 – Firestarter

After much struggling, Survivor #8 finally manages to get a fire going. Baked pear never tasted so good!

I attempt to find some more food gathering spots and locate a few fruit trees just a little higher up the road by some piles of logs. There are a few more dotted around the houses leading up to the barn too – some pears, apples and plums are added to my inventory. I head back in to town to fill up on water. It’s a really dangerous run and I end up crawling much of it. I could definitely do with some water carrying containers to reduce the number of trips to the fountain. I’m sure something useful will come up eventually.

I’m able to loot a rope, which should come in handy to fashion a fishing rod, and some binoculars! They take up a lot of inventory space but could make scouting trips a little safer.

I loop round to Otmel (a small island joined up to the mainland along the south-west coast) via the westerly train track in search of loot. It’s a fairly safe, open trip – I’m able to bag a little food, a bomber jacket, some rags, and a sewing kit.

It’s cold and the light has begun to fade, so I head back to camp with a fire on my mind. I stop by the water fountain on route home and get in to an altercation with an infected police officer – all he has are bullets.

After massively struggling to light a fire in the barn (both last night and again today) I opt to move it outside, where I’m finally able to get a flame going with a second hand-drill kit. At last, some warmth, and baked pear for supper.



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