Survive and Thrive: Episode 3 – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This was by far my hardest day surviving the wilderness of Chernarus, with numerous life threatening issues to deal with. How many things can go wrong in a day? Quite a few it would seem, if you’re not careful.

I was my own worst enemy today – I made a terrible start by accidentally falling into the water when mooching around a fishing cabin on the seafront – soaking my clothes and dropping my temperature to a dangerously low level. I soaked my matches too. Big mistake. I should have left them back at camp for just this type of scenario, or kept them in a drybag.

Mistake two was not to fashion a hand-drill kit whilst I had a sharp knife – with wet matches, blunt knives and no hand-drill kit, the only way to keep warm was to cower in builds and try to replace some of my wet clothing.

I drank too much water as well and puked my guts up, making me even more dehydrated (strike three). It was a long and arduous day to say the least.

On a plus note, I managed to carry a barrel back to camp, which increased my on-site storage capacity. I butchered a couple of hens too and fashioned a few hooks with the bones, ready for when I find or craft a fishing rod. I could really use a bag when I’m on the move for extra storage, so I can spend longer looting gear.

Barrel transportation

I managed to get my temperature back under control but I’ve caught a disease, presumably a common cold from being at a low temperature for too long. I need to be careful while I get better; stay warm, limit my movements and avoid the infected. The last thing I need right now is a few cuts to add to the list. I’ve plenty of food and water to wait it out.



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