Survive and Thrive: Episode 4 – Extending the Camp and Inventory

Today was spent extending the campsite, improving my gear and organising my inventory, whilst trying to manage a low temperature.

Today was a fairly simple day of looting.

I was able to find a second canopy (a car tent) and transport it back to my campsite. This one has a much better cover on it and combined with my first one, I’ve got a well sheltered area with plenty of storage. The open canopy works well as a fireplace cover, to keep the rain off, with the second one offering me more protection from the elements.

Double canopy setup

I took some multivitamin pills, thinking they’d help with this persistent cold – they didn’t seem to have any effect (too little too late, I’m guessing).

My looting trip proved fruitful – managed to acquire a burlap courier bag from an Infected I put down. Yes! Finally some extra carrying capacity! It’s a small bag so not a major improvement, but it’ll help out a little until I find a larger capacity hiking backpack or similar. A couple of orienteering compasses were bagged too – might come in handy at a later date if/when I venture further out. A gas canister too – nothing to use that with at the moment though.

With a couple of rifles and some packets of seeds, I’m getting closer to being able to both hunt (just need some ammo) and grow some of my own veg back at camp (just need a shovel or pickaxe).

I finished the day off by organising my inventory and storage. General rule of thumb:

  1. Car tent – guns, ammo, tools and other spare items
  2. Canopy – mainly food and medicine
  3. Barrel – firewood, fire lighting gear


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