Survive and Thrive

Series: Survive and Thrive (10)

Welcome to 'Thrive and Survive', a DayZ series following my first proper attempt at surviving the game. With around 4 hours of gameplay under my belt before starting the series, I only have a basic knowledge of the controls and game mechanics. This series is my way of learning the various elements of survival, from fishing to building a campsite - I'll very much be learning as I go along.
  1. Meet Survivor #21

    Survivor #21, a castaway washed up on the coast of Chernarus, is on a mission to survive the harsh terrain of this vast country and ultimately thrive in it. Follow her journey into these overwhelmingly large and dangerous lands, one step at a time, as she learns to become a completely self-sufficient survivor.

  2. Survive and Thrive: Episode 1 – Initial Reconnaissance

    After the initial panic of trying to find a sign and pinpoint my location, I ran into an apple orchard, which put me at ease straight away – I was able to source a fair few pickings for my inventory before looking around some more.