Mercenary for Hire

Series: Mercenary for Hire (4)

Welcome to the 'Mercenary for Hire' series, which sees Mitch Gray, a military sniper, take on the post apocalyptic world of Fallout 4.
  1. Introducing Mitch Gray

    Mitch Gray (AKA The Scaffolder) is a mercenary for hire. He’s a crack shot sniper and demolitions expert.

  2. Awakening in the New World

    After 200 years in stasis, Mitch awakens from his vault to find that the world he once knew is a very different place.

  3. Ridding the Streets of Mutants

    Mitch Gray has his first run-in with a group of super mutants, the perfect opportunity to test out some demolitions equipment.

  4. Visiting Diamond City

    Mitch manages to reach Diamond City unscathed, but what did he find there and was it worth the trip?