The Smoking Blaster

Capital of the Galaxy

Prologue: Coruscant. Having traced Skavark to Coruscant, Captain Jac Holster and Corso Riggs make their way to the Capital of the Galaxy, in search of Captain Holster’s ship.

We travelled to Ord Mantell Spaceport with our recently acquired shuttle passes, only to be ambushed by Rogun the Butcher’s bounty hunters (Xo’ru and Kindin). They put up a tough fight, but with the help of my new sidekick (Corso), we put up a better one.

Next up, a shuttle transfer to the Republic Fleet, where we made our transfer to Coruscant.

And so here we are in the capital of the galaxy. Corso’s set up a meet with a local gambler called Darmas Pollaran, who might be able to help us track down Skavak. He’s been pretty handy that kid.

Captain Holster



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