The Smoking Blaster

Captain Jac Holster

Meet Captain Jac Holster, a gunslinger smuggler in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Class: Smuggler (Gunslinger)

Master of the trick shot and willing to take advantage of every opportunity, the Gunslinger learns how to fire two blasters at once, specialising in long-range combat.

  • Role: Ranged Damage Dealer
  • Discipline: Sharpshooter

Playing Style

Key: Combat, Dialogue, Missions, Free Roaming

  • Won’t start a fight but will finish one Com
  • Sits in cover and blasts away (defence a priority) Com
  • Will use companions as cannon fodder & for healing Com
  • Soft spot for damsels in distress Roa Dia
  • Keeps ear to the ground (interested in gossip / info) Roa Dia
  • Loves making extra credits from side missions (especially via cantina clientele) Roa Mis
  • Favours transport missions (build reputation as a reliable smuggler) Mis
  • Works for the highest bidder Mis
  • Won’t think twice about breaking the law for credits Mis

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Character: Chaotic good
Motivations: Credits, reputation
Dialogue: Sarcastic, flirty, sombre
Attire: Low key – light jackets, leathers (not big on helmets / heavy armour / brash colours)
Hangouts: Bars/cantinas, ship (XS Stock Light Freighter)
Favourite weapon: Blaster
Company / companions / pets: Ladies man, droids
Allegiance: Himself, but leans towards the Republic on galactic politics
Likes: Ale, women
Dislikes: Spice, spice mines, bounty hunters

Shut your cakehole and gimme my credits.
Captain Jac Holster


Rugged, charming, resourceful – just a few words to describe Captain Jac Holster, a smuggler in the Star Wars Old Republic universe.

Jac tends to work alone and under the radar. He’s a skilful rogue that gets by on stealth and guile, but he’ll team up with a companion as a means to an end. He’ll take almost any job if it pays well and he’s not adverse to a little risk, as long as the reward is big.

Jac is a smooth talker and enjoys female company; women are his achilles’ heel. Possessing the ‘gift of the gab’, he’s charming, persuasive, and can squeeze a few extra credits out a job, or convince others to do his deed.

He enjoys a sneaky drink between missions and often frequents the dingiest of bars on the lookout for work and a little eye-candy. Though he’ll avoid a fight where possible, Jac is a master sharpshooter and can spring into action at a moments notice.

As a chaotic-good character, Jac’s allegiance leans slightly towards the Republic, but ultimately he’s out for number one and will bend the rules to suit himself and gain the upper-hand.

Jac loves his ships and is a hell of a pilot. For this handsome maverick, speed and manoeuvrability make for the perfect ship. Some hidden cargo storage wouldn’t go amiss either.

Captain Jac Holster – smuggler (gunslinger)

Class Description

Quick, clever, answers to no one. Sometimes luck is more important than skill, but it never hurts to have both.

Lawlessness has become common in the wake of the devastating war between the Republic and Empire. Shifting political allegiances and marauding pirates have made independent space travel a dangerous enterprise. Cut off from traditional supply routes, entire star systems waver on the verge of collapse. An adventurous spirit who’s not afraid to break a few rules can make a handsome profit hauling cargo to these hotspots, but it requires fast reflexes, fast wits and a fast draw with a blaster. Even then, the life of a Smuggler is always a gamble.

Stacking up enemies as fast as they stack up credits, Smugglers only survive in this galaxy by being slick, sneaky and street-smart. Whether sweet-talking an attractive alien or bargaining with a hardened criminal contact, the Smuggler’s charm is a notorious asset, and often the ticket to turning around a deteriorating situation. If circumstances get too complicated, though, count on a Smuggler to always have an escape plan. Experienced in flying under the radar, Smugglers are amazingly elusive. Yet when backed into a corner, they quickly become cunning and often deadly combatants.

Above all else, Smugglers make their own destinies. Despite their affinity for credits, Smugglers have been known to turn down lucrative opportunities when the clients have demanded too much control. Some Smugglers are even more discriminating—refusing to work with slavers and representatives of the Sith Empire. It’s a business where one is always looking for trustworthy allies, but they are often few and far between. Whether running an Imperial blockade or shooting down a double-crossing gangster, Smugglers are always flying by the seat of their pants. Every deal carries the chance for wealth beyond their wildest dreams… or an anonymous death in the harsh void of space.
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