The Smoking Blaster

Series: The Smoking Blaster (4)

Welcome to 'The Smoking Blaster' series, which sees smuggler, Captain Jac Holster, take on Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  1. Captain Jac Holster

    Meet Captain Jac Holster, a gunslinger smuggler in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  2. Drelliad Spaceport

    Prologue: Ord Mantell. Captain Jac Holster lands at the Drelliad Spaceport Hangar on Ord Mantell, to deliver a cargo load of weapons to a contact named Skavak.

  3. Skovak, that SOB!

    Prologue: Ord Mantell. Captain Holster is betrayed by Skavak, who steals his precious ship and cargo. It’s a race against time to track him down before all is lost.

  4. Capital of the Galaxy

    Prologue: Coruscant. Having traced Skavark to Coruscant, Captain Jac Holster and Corso Riggs make their way to the Capital of the Galaxy, in search of Captain Holster’s ship.