The Pragmatic One

Targets and Achievements

A new (loosely José Mourinho inspired) FM22 series begins in the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe – Portugal.

  1. The Pragmatic One
  2. Profile: FC Porto
  3. José Mourinho Inspired Tactics
  4. Targets and Achievements
  5. The Dragons
Targets, achievements and progress made during the ‘The Pragmatic One’ series as FC Porto. To be recorded and updated throughout the #FM22 series.

Long Term Vision

Vision statement: strive to be the biggest and most successful club in Portugal, with a strong base of domestic players and a reputation for developing top young talent. To be one of the richest clubs in the world, with the very best facilities. To always be involved at the highest levels of competition, both domestically and in Europe. ‘Play to win’, and win as many trophies as possible.

This will be achieved by:

Set by Target Type
Board Developing players using the club’s youth system Development
Board Signing players from domestic rivals Recruitment
Board Increasing commercial revenue Finance
Board Signing players to sell for profit Recruitment / Finance
Board Maintaining the club’s status as the most reputable team in Portugal Reputation
Board Developing the Premier League’s best youth system Development / Reputation
Self Giving first team opportunities to academy players Development
Self Reviewing opposition strengths and weaknesses and tailor tactics accordingly Tactics
Self Developing multiple tactics and styles of play Tactics
Self Winning silverware regularly Competitions
Self Qualifying for the Champions League regularly Competitions
Self Signing many domestic players / have a domestic ‘spine’ in the team Recruitment
Self Developing a rich club with large profits Finance


  • Portuguese Premier League Manager of the Month – December 2021
  • Portuguese Premier League Manager of the Month – November 2021
  • Portuguese Premier League Manager of the Month – September 2021
  • Portuguese Premier League Manager of the Month – August 2021
  • Hired as FC Porto manager – July 2021

Trophy Cabinet

Trophies won during the series:

None so far



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