A new (loosely José Mourinho inspired) FM22 series begins in the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe – Portugal.

  1. The Pragmatic One
  2. Profile: FC Porto
  3. José Mourinho Inspired Tactics
  4. Targets and Achievements
  5. The Dragons

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  • Hello! I found this wonderful series a bit late, and I’m gutted that you didn’t follow it through.
    By any chance, would you be able to tell me if you used any specific PIs for the tactics above? Thank you in advance!

    Comment by Rolotor (29/12/2022)
  • Hi, thanks for the feedback! I’ve just uploaded the tactic files so you can download them and have a closer look. I played about two and a half seasons but didn’t document the series like I usually do. The 352 tactic in particular worked extremely well – we lifted six trophies in total.


    Comment by Point and Shooter (01/01/2023)