I decide to build a settlement where ales and ciders are plentiful, with a focus on stocking taverns with homemade brews for the locals to fill up on after a hard days graft. Welcome… to Riverside Seven.

  1. Banished: Creating a Riverside Brewery (Intro)
  2. Banished: Riverside Seven (Part 1)
  3. Banished: Riverside Seven (Part 2)

Banished: Riverside Seven (Part 2)

The construction of Riverside Seven continues, with part 2.

I’ve now decided on my Trading Post location – initially by one of the big lakes but I changed my mind later and moved it to the main river running through the map. A tunnel has been constructed to run through the mountain along with a bridge to connect it up to the main settlement, making it a little closer to other resources for collection but also expanding our reach into a new area on the map.

I decided to improve path routes in the main square of our settlement too, to aid efficiency in and around our first storage barn.

A few more houses were built to increase population, along with a blacksmith. Our second and third storage barns have been added too (one next to the trading post).

Thinking ahead to when we start trading, I pushed on and built 3 pastures, ready to accept some livestock and finished building the trading post – that’s now manned and collecting initial resources for trade.

The first orchard placement was decided on as well – close to storage barn two and within reach of one of our eventual tavern locations. We’ll need to trade for some seeds – at the moment we can only grow walnuts, and you can’t make beer from that!



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