Riverside Seven

Banished: Riverside Seven (Part 1)

I decide to build a settlement where ales and ciders are plentiful, with a focus on stocking taverns with homemade brews for the locals to fill up on after a hard days graft. Welcome… to Riverside Seven.

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  2. Banished: Riverside Seven (Part 1)
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And so it begins, the construction of Riverside Seven. Follow along as I map out my 7 tavern location and a lovely pub crawl route that weaves around the landscape, through the mountains, and across big open lakes. Welcome to part 1.
Town Name Riverside Seven
Map Seed 332094705
Terrain Type Valleys
Terrain Size Small
Climate Fair
Disasters On
Starting Conditions Medium

With a picturesque little canyon-style setting, with a main base of operations close by to a river with a couple of connecting lakes, with our little settlement depressed between a couple of small mountains and winding out to open spaces, I begin to build Riverside Seven – a brewery based settlement.

First things first, I pause the game to plot my initial tavern locations and routes, including any connecting bridges and tunnels. All of these builds are paused, ready to come back to, as I’ll need to construct the basic essentials first – homes, wood cutter, food sources, to get our settlers through the first few winters. Initial food sources included a gatherer’s hut (variety of foraged foods) and a hunting cabin (game/deer), with a fishing dock added towards the end of part 1 for a more varied diet.

The pub crawl is mapped out

Part 1 ends with me deciding on a few pasture locations close by to our pre-built storage barn and first round of homes, for the eventual additions of livestock (chickens, cows, sheep). We’ll need to add a trading post soon as well, so we can order seeds for all of the crop fields and pastures we’ll be needing to grow ingredients for our brewers.

Unfortunately I’ve already lost the life of one settler during child birth – not much I could do about that one (we’ll raise a glass to you later in the series). I’ll need to let the population grow so I have enough workers for all of these new buildings/work areas that are on the way – we’ll be needing lots and lots of homes.

Hope you enjoy the video. Comments are always welcome.



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