Livorno Lift the Serie D Group E Title

A joyous moment, as we successfully gain promotion with a victorious title-lifting second season.

Season 2 Review

Consistently strong performances all season resulted in top spot, and a 5 point improvement on last season’s tally. There were some big wins as we looked to attack more often this season – we finished the campaign as the league’s top goal scorers, and with the joint lowest goals conceded. A dominant season both offensively and defensively.

Serie D Group E league table 2024/25 (season 2)

Serie D Group E league table 2024/25 (season 2)

Playing Squad and Staff

Cristian Mutton led the line with a 17 goal return, and Dorian Ciężkowski set a club record for clean sheets in a season (16). Most notable though was the 22 assists registered by right wing-back, Vinícius Baracioli, highlighting the importance of the wing-back positions in this style of play.


Direct wing-play has been a strong area of our gameplay, with many assists and high performance ratings from our 2 primary wing-backs. Many of our goals this season have been headed finishes from crosses and set plays. With tougher opposition to come in Serie C/B, I’ll look to develop our catenaccio tactics further with both home and away setups and a ‘plan b’ during games.

Livorno's best 11 on FM24

Livorno best 11


A 281 attendance was registered during a fan day on the last home game of the season, which will hopefully help boost attendance figures for the following season in a higher division. Without some much improved attendance figures, we’ll struggle for revenue, with the last year spent mostly in the red at around -£100K. An average attendance of just 252 represents only 1% of the available capacity at Stadio Armando Picchi (a 14,267 all-seater stadium).

£707K for TV rights shows just how important our promotion to the Italian Serie C/B was for future and sustainable finances.


We’ll aim to do the following during the course of the next season:

  • Design some set pieces (I’ve left this to my assistant so far)
  • Develop home and away versions of our catenaccio tactics
  • Improve the coaching team
  • Improve club finances
  • Promote one or two academy players to train with the first team. Potentially give some game time over the course of the season

From the board:

  • Play defensively solid football
  • Play direct football
  • Play counter-attacking football


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