How to Fish on DayZ

You’ll need to loot and craft a number of materials in order to fashion your own fishing rod, but the satisfaction of catching and cooking your own food is well worth the hassle.

Materials Needed

  1. Knife (to craft a rod and gut fish)
  2. Stick
  3. Rope
  4. Hook
  5. Bait

Make a Simple Fishing Rod

  • Fishing pole – you’ll need a long stick, obtained by cutting down bushes
  • Rope – loot some fabric materials like clothing. Use a knife to cut rags from different fabric items, create 2 stacks of at least 6 rags, combine the 2 stacks to make a rope (you can also craft rope from guts! Or you might be lucky enough to loot a ready-made rope or even a complete fishing rod)
  • Bones – locate and kill a chicken/hen, skin it and harvest it’s bones (a knife is usually best, heavier melee weapons like shovels can sometimes ruin bones)
  • Hook – craft a bone fishing hook using your knife
  • Worms – dig for them with a sharp instrument, like a hoe, shovel, pickaxe or knife
  • Bait – combine worm and hook to create bone fishing bait
  • Complete fishing rod – combine fishing rod and bait

Catch a Fish

  • Equip your fishing rod and head over to a body of water, e.g. the sea or a lake
  • Ensure your fishing bait is attached to your fishing rod
  • Stand by the shore and left click. Hold left click while the crafting circle completes to catch a fish
  • Attach more bait to fish again
  • Using your knife, you can prepare your fish by gutting it (then wash your hands!)
  • Note: fishing hooks have low durability and will break after catching 5 fish (just 2 for a bone fishing hook)

Now that you have a fish, you’ll want to create a fireplace to cook it on. Or, find a stove inside a house.



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