How to Make a Fire on DayZ

If you’ve been fishing, hunting, or even foraging, you’ll likely want to create a fireplace to cook your raw food on.

Material Needed

  1. Instrument – knife or similarly sharp tool (for gathering resources)
  2. Fuel and kindling – short sticks/firewood (fuel) + dark bark/rag/bandage/paper (kindling) = fireplace kit (once combined)
  3. Additional fuel (optional) will mean you can keep the fire going longer
  4. Ignition – matches/flare/hand drill kit

Basic Instructions

  • Find small bushes in a forest and chop them down with a knife (using your hands risks injury)
  • Use a knife to collect dark tree bark
  • Find a suitable location for your fire
  • Create a fireplace kit – open your inventory and combine a stick (fuel) with dark bark (kindling), or similar substitutes like a rag (kindling)
  • Equip your kit, use the action button to create a fireplace on the ground
  • Equip and use matches/flare or hand-drill kit (combine tree bark with a stick to make a hand-drill kit) to light fireplace
  • Note: to cook meet/fish etc over the fire combine it with a long stick and equip, then move towards the fire until the action to cook appears (or, find a stove inside a house!)


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