Profile: Geralt of Rivia

Geralt, one of the few remaining witchers on the Continent, is a travelling monster slayer for hire, mutated and trained from an early age to slay deadly beasts. By doing this work, he can pay for his travel towards Nilfgaard in the hopes of finding his lost love, Yennefer.

After clearing his name among those who count and learning of Yennefer’s location, Geralt has begun a journey South. It has been six months since Nilfgaard invaded the North causing a great deal of chaos. The witcher has stopped meddling in the affairs of politics and nobles for the time being to instead travel and hunt monsters as he was trained to do long ago. By doing this work, he can pay for his travel towards Nilfgaard in the hopes of finding his lost love, Yennefer. However, the Wild Hunt is still active, and these wraiths have continued to slaughter and kidnap those they see fit.
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Character: Tragic, anti-hero (lacks conventional heroic qualities)
Profession: Witcher – travelling monster slayer for hire
Motivations: Crowns, finding Yennefer
Dialogue: Serious, fair. Uses Axii sign to charm/persuade others
Attire: Dark, leathers, light armour
Hangouts: Inns
Favourite weapon: Swords, Signs (magic), Bombs
Company / companions / pets: Roach (horse), Yennefer (love), Ciri (adopted child), Vesemir (mentor), Dandelion (bard)
Allegiance: Himself, works for coin.
Likes: Alchemy (crafting potions, bombs, oils and weapons), slaying monsters, sleeping with women, playing Gwent
Dislikes: The Wild Hunt / Wraiths of Mörhogg (main protagonist)

Playing Style

Key: Combat, Dialogue, Free Roaming

  • Researches his enemies and prepares well for a battle Com
  • Meditates after battle (to regenerate health & potions, cleanses toxicity) an hour at a time Com
  • Collects ingredients Roa
  • Regularly checks boards for contracts and info Roa
  • Enjoys a little R&R between quests (an ale or two & a game of Gwent) Roa
  • Keeps equipment in tiptop condition Roa
  • Resourceful, self-sufficient Roa
  • Has a conscience – generally helps others because it’s the right thing rather than to get paid, though he won’t admit this Dia
  • Professional – carrys out his duties & avoids the ‘petty quarrels’ of contemporary politics Dia
  • Emotionally distant, cynical (everyone’s in it for themselves) Dia
  • Let’s people in (emotionally) when they deserve/earn it Dia

Combat / Powers / Skills

  • Master Swordsman
  • Witcher senses – enhanced senses for tracking & hunting
  • Increased metabolism – allowing him to ingest positions, recover faster, live longer
  • Encyclopedic knowledge – knows monsters & their weaknesses
  • Magic powers – spells and signs
  • Speed & senses
  • Enhanced strength

Early Game Desirables

  • A saddlebag for Roach – increase inventory limit (look for a horse races quest near Crow’s Perch)
  • Gwent cards
  • Recipes / manuscripts
  • Alcohol – to restock potions when meditating
  • Crowns (visit Vivaldi’s Bank in Novigrad, North of Velen, to convert cash into crowns_
  • Witcher gear – green labelled items (stash unused witcher gear to upgrade later)

Favoured Early Abilities / Upgrades

  • Strong Back (carry capacity)
  • Exploding Shield (Quen)
  • Active Shield (Quen)
  • Axii (such as delusion)
  • Muscle Memory (increases damage of fast attacks)
  • Lightning Reflexes (for crossbow against griffin – slows time when aiming)
  • Fleet Footed (reduced damage if hit whilst dodging)
  • Sun and Stars (recovers vitality during the day & when not in combat. At night it recovers stamina while in combat)
  • Witcher gear upgrades

15 abilities to level up first



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