Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips for Beginners

A few tips for Red Dead Redemption 2 newbies, to help you get started or pick up a few tricks you didn’t know about.
  1. Use ‘Dead Eye’ when hunting for better accuracy
  2. Under controls in settings, change running mode to ‘Toggle to Run’ so you don’t have to keep tapping to sprint/gallop
  3. Interact with your horse regularly (pat, feed etc) to develop a bond. This leads to unlocking special abilities with your steed
  4. Learn to play card games back at Dutch’s camp. The risk here is low, since your gambling with dollar stakes. Get to grips with it here before playing for big cash out in the open world
  5. Look after your cores – eat, drink and smoke to top up your dead eye, health and stamina levels! Rest/sleep can also help with this. Smoking specifically tops up your dead eye meter, as do other consumables. Smoking/eating too much can have negative effects as well, so consume as needed
  6. Got a bounty on your head? You can pay these off at post offices to stop gangs and the law from hunting you down
  7. Keep your horse nearby. If your horse is too far away it’ll be out of whistling range. Running back to camp will boost your stamina levels, but journeys can take a while on foot
  8. Store hats and clothing in your horses saddle. It’s always a good idea to pack warm weather clothing, as some missions will take you out to the snowy mountains and you won’t necessarily know that ahead of time
  9. Read Arthur’s journal to fill gaps in the storyline, including pre-game background
  10. Upgrade your camp with the ledger – upgrading your camp will help you stock up on ammo, food, medicine etc, plus increase morale within the camp
  11. In case the worst happens – carry a horse revival kit! You can purchase these from stables
  12. Air shots! – Firing your gun into the sky can help scare off foes, beasts and even empty a saloon!



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