Medieval Dynasty: Playing Styles

A variety of playing styles/backstories to help keep things interesting during Medieval Dynasty saves. Feel free to use and tailor to your own needs.

  1. Shipwrecked Fisher
  2. Washed up at shore, you’re the lone survivor of a merchant ship taken by the seas. Your task at hand, to survive and build a new home for yourself on these unfamiliar shores.

    • Fishing hut on the beach
    • Fishing nets, fishing spears
    • Regular fishing trips
    • Salted fish

  3. Ale Trails
  4. Master brewers.

    • Mass production of beers (and wines) of all kinds
    • Various taverns to create a pub crawl around the settlement

  5. The Merchant’s Guild
  6. Sellers of rare and luxury goods.

    • High carry capacity, backpacks, pouches, saddlebacks etc
    • Lots of donkeys for transportation
    • ‘Drop off’ points enroute to major markets (crates, baskets etc)
    • Own market stall
    • Crafting luxury goods such as luxury/noble clothing, fancy wines, potions/remedies, decorations and furniture
    • Sheep for wool garments
    • Lots of flax farming for linen thread and fabric

  7. The Miner’s Arms
  8. A settlement of miners and crafters, working hard to manufacture metal rich resources.

    • Mountain based location
    • Excavation shed initially, until mine is unlocked
    • Settlement pinpointed next to a cave for mining, with plenty of lighting
    • Mass production of metal bars, metal tools
    • High quality tools for workers
    • Bathtub for washing, and clothes washing station!
    • Stone/limestone houses, using mined materials
    • A small but bustling community, lots of noisy crafting and welding
    • A kitchen and tavern close to the mine to offer respite, through hearty meals (salted meats, stews, cheeses etc) and plenty of mead/wheat beer
    • A large central area for relaxing at the end of a hard day’s work – campfire with beer and food aplenty
    • Workshop required for beer/wine bottles, plates, bowl, cups etc

  9. The Wild Hunt
  10. Master hunters – a small group of ‘rangers’.

    • Living in the woods
    • High quality hunting tools such as crossbows, bolts, recurve bow, copper/bronze/iron arrows
    • Dressed in hoods
    • Specialist archers
    • Lots of traps
    • Regular hunting excursions, including specific ‘hunts’ for dangerous animals like bears
    • Lots of animal skulls for decoration, archery targets etc

  11. The Cream of the Crop
  12. Crop farmers – a settlement of highly skilled farmers, working a large plot of flat land to produce vast amounts of harvest.

    • Lots of crop farming and animals
    • Seasonal crop rotation
    • Large storage capacity
    • Lots of scarecrows, high quality farming tools

  13. Animal Farm
  14. A settlement filled with animals of all varieties.

    • Including all available farm animals
    • Large productions of animal feed

  15. Intrepid Adventurers
  16. A roaming party of wild campers.

    • Various camping locations dotted around the map
    • Regularly on the move
    • Often foraging
    • Campfire food
    • Sleeping under the stars

  17. The Butcher of Oxbow
  18. An escaped prisoner, in hiding and on the run (essentially playing as a bandit).

    • Settled on the outskirts, far away from other settlements
    • Stealing from local villages
    • Regular night time plundering
    • High stealth
    • Travel by horseback
    • Poison arrows, cudgels, throwing stones etc

I’d love to hear how some of your adventures are going. Tell me about your saves, or if you have any other playing style suggestions, please add them in the comments below!



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