Robbing Security Vans on GTA5

On GTA5 there are many ways to make money, including robbing security vans for a tidy profit.

Robbing a security van can yield between $3,500 – $8,000, so it’s a really good pay day when the opportunity arises!

How to Rob a Security Van

Once located, the basic process involves blasting the rear doors open, picking up the loot, and losing your wanted level.

What you’ll need to rob a security van: Ammo and/or a sticky bomb. Our preferred method is to use a sticky bomb, but you can blast the doors open by shooting them. This can take a fair few shots depending on your choice of weapon (an automatic weapon will be quicker than a hand gun for example), since it’s an armoured vehicle.

There are a couple of ways to go about this. You can:

  • Follow the van until it parks or stops at a red light, get out of your vehicle and chuck a sticky bomb on to the back doors, get a safe distance away before detonating the bomb, you’ll likely need to take out the security guards who’ll be shooting at you by now (you can use your car for cover), then collect the briefcase that’s fallen out of the van, then make your getaway and lose your wanted level! (recommended method)
  • Tail it, shoot the doors open as you drive behind it (you’ll get a wanted level as soon as you fire), collect the briefcase and getaway

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Security vans spawn randomly around the Los Santos map so you might have to wait a while before you run into one. When close to one (if you haven’t spotted it visually), you should see a blue circle appear on your map to highlight it’s location. Their typical spawn locations are:

  1. Globe Oil Gas Station
  2. Cypress Flats (north of Ammu-nation)
  3. Little Seoul (near Lucky Plucker)
  4. Little Seoul (near the Asian strip mall – Korean Plaza)
  5. San Andreas Ave
  6. Paleto Bay Market
  7. Around the canals in the center of Los Santos
  8. El Rancho Blvd
  9. Ramp near Del Perro (ground level of the freeway)

Hang around these locations and you’ll hopefully run in to one before too long!



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