Type-9 Heavy

The Type-9 Heavy is a large cargo freighter manufactured by Lakon Spaceways.

Type-9 Heavy

The Type-9 Heavy currently has the second highest cargo capacity of all Elite Dangerous ships, second only to the Imperial Cutter, but available at a fraction of the cost and doesn’t require a rank. They Type-9 is incredibly well suited to trading and mining.

The Type-9 Heavy is one of the largest cargo ships on the market. While it lacks the carrying capacity of the Imperial Cutter, it is significantly less expensive and can be purchased without acquiring ranks in the Imperial Navy. Furthermore, the ship’s ability to equip a fighter bay makes it popular with traders looking to protect their cargoes from criminals.
In-Game Description

Pros Cons
  • Large cargo space
  • Well suited to trading and mining
  • Can be equipped with a fighter bay for added protection
  • Poor manoeuvrability, making interdictions more challenging
  • Difficult to fit through letterboxes due to its size
  • Lacking in defensive and offensive capabilities


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