Type-6 Transporter

The Type-6 Transporter, by Lakon Spaceways, is a medium sized freighter.

The Type-6 Transporter is a freighter, designed for cargo runs and hauling commodities. Because of its medium sized landing pad requirement this freighter is able to land at outposts, something most freighters aren’t capable of. The Type-6 is a good budget freighter that can take a hit, but combat should be avoided, due to its limited manoeuvrability and lack of hardpoints.

Lakon Spaceways is famous for building dependable, jump-capable transport vessels. The Type-6 Transporter is their smallest commercially available model. It has limited combat capability, but is capable of transporting decent-sized loads for its size class.
In-Game Description

Pros Cons
  • Affordable choice of freighter
  • Capable of transporting decent-sized loads for its size
  • Can be tailored for use as an exploration vessel
  • Can land at outposts
  • Poor armour and manoeuvrability make it a bad choice for combat
  • Very few hardpoints
  • Vulnerable to interdictions



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