The Keelback, manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, is a medium sized combat freighter.

With more hardpoints than the Type-6, the Keelback can put up a reasonable fight in combat situations. With adequate cargo space, fighter bay capacity and volume of hardpoints, the Keelback is an excellent choice as a budget mining vessel.

Based on the Type-6 Transporter, the Keelback is a hardy freighter designed for hostile-environment deliveries. The small hardpoints of the Type-6 have been bolstered with two medium hardpoints, but it is the Keelback’s ability to accommodate a fighter bay that really sets it apart. The ship also boasts superior armour and shields to the Type-6, making it a good option for traders who plan to travel without an escort.
In-Game Description

Pros Cons
  • Can be equipped with a fighter hanger
  • Built for hostile-environment deliveries
  • Boasts superior armour and shields to the Type-6
  • A sturdy and versatile cargo ship
  • Great choice for mining
  • Minimal cargo space compared to its competitors
  • Limited jump range
  • High rebuy cost


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