Imperial Cutter

The Imperial Cutter is a multipurpose ship manufactured by Gutamaya.

Imperial Cutter

The Imperial Cutter currently has the highest cargo capacity of all Elite Dangerous ships, but is an expensive purchase at 208,969,451 CR.

The pride of Gutamaya’s shipyards, the Imperial Cutter is a formidable all-rounder. With sufficient armour and shielding to withstand all but the most determined attacks, and a total of seven hardpoints, the Cutter boasts an intimidating combat profile, while its substantial cargo hold makes It a solid choice for traders.
In-Game Description

Pros Cons
  • A formidable all-rounder
  • Huge cargo capacity
  • Stunning, modern design
  • Impressive armour/shielding capabilities
  • Large number of hardpoints
  • Requires Imperial Navy rank of Duke
  • Most expensive ship (manned by a single pilot)


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