Elite Dangerous: Basic Controls

This quick reference guide covers the basic controls when using the Xbox controller for windows with a keyboard on a PC.
This reference guide assumes you’re using a PC with a keyboard and an Xbox controller for windows and the ‘control pad with yaw’ setup.

The Xbox controller for windows is a fantastic gamepad choice for Elite Dangerous pilots. There are of course many controls to look up and master, these can be customised too, but as a quick reference guide for new pilots, this list of bindings should help you get going with the basics.


Key/Button Peripheral Device Action
RB/R Controller/Keyboard Increase Throttle
LB/S Controller/Keyboard Decrease Throttle
LS (analogue stick) Controller Pitch/roll
RS (analogue stick) Controller Lateral/vertical thrust
B/Tab Controller/Keyboard Engine boost (afterburner)
J Keyboard Frame shift drive
X Keyboard Speed to 0


Key/Button Peripheral Device Action
M Keyboard Switch hub mode (toggles between combat/analysis)
L Keyboard Deploy/retract landing gear
Home Keyboard Deploy cargo scoop


Key/Button Peripheral Device Action
Delete Keyboard Silent running


Key/Button Peripheral Device Action
RT/Mouse 1 Controller/Keyboard Primary fire
LT/Mouse 1 Controller/Keyboard Secondary fire
Back/U ControllerKeyboard Deploy/retract hardpoints (e.g. weapons)
A/N Controller/Keyboard Change fire group
Y/T Controller/Keyboard Select target ahead
H Keyboard Select highest threat
G Keyboard Cycle next target

Camera Suite

Key/Button Peripheral Device Action
[L CTRL]+[L ALT]+[SPACE] Keyboard Toggle camera suite
Left/Left Arrow Controller/Keyboard Previous camera
Right/Right Arrow Controller/Keyboard Next camera
RS click/[num 0] Controller/Keyboard Enter free camera

Additionally Recommended Custom Bindings

Key/Button Peripheral Device Action
C Keyboard Supercruise



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