Disco Elysium: Character Builds

A selection of personas and archetypes, to help you choose and develop your own custom character and playing style.

Genius Detective

The most intelligent officer you’ll ever meet. With an incredible level of intellect, this detective can piece seemingly impossible puzzles together. His mathematician’s brain allows him to assess fine details instantly; calculating measurements, trajectories and so forth in the blink of an eye. Oblivious of his appearance, The Genius Detective isn’t in the best of shapes. The mental/physical seesaw is tipped very much in favour of the mind, but what a mind. Aloof and distant in conversation, in a world of his own.
Signature skill: visual calculus
Key skill(s): intellect

Street Smart Detective

The Street Smart Detective can blend in and talk the talk. Respected by criminals and colleagues alike, it’s hard not not be impressed by this sleek, well-groomed, smooth-talking crime buster. There’s a certain charm about this one. Fairly intelligent and can blend in. A charming conversationalist.
Signature skill: suggestion
Key skill(s): psyche, intellect

Brute Force Detective

Tough as nails and can take a hit, you don’t want to get into a fight with this bruiser. This rogue detective is direct and aggressive in conversation, looking to make an immediate impact. Rules and regs come last and opinions mean little, as this detective will twist the law and run through doors to get the job done. Destruction and chaos are left in his wake. A real steroid head and a threat to everyone around him.
Signature skill: physical instrument
Key skill(s): physique, motorics

Observant Detective

Insightful, perceptive, incredible attention to detail. Logical and well organised, this detective does things by the book and leaves no stone unturned. Works hard and puts the hours in. Honest and truthful in conversation. Sympathetic to others and understanding of the world and its problems. A thorough cop and good person in general.
Signature skill: perception
Key skill(s): psyche, motorics

Righteous Detective

Correct and proper. By the letter of the law. Don’t expect any sympathy from this detective: if you’ve broken the law, you’re going to jail. With a high sense of justice, the Righteous Detective lacks empathy and understanding of others misfortunes, but his record speaks for itself. Respects authority and the chain of command. Well trained and reactive.
Signature skill: authority
Key skill(s): motorics

Degenerate Detective

Substance abuser; an addict with little self-control. Lacks the respect of his fellow colleagues. Master of the dark arts, this tormented detective is in-tune with his surroundings and has a strange psychic-intelligence. Has a high threshold for pain and can endure the worst of what the world has to offer. Often feels sorry for himself. Somewhat depressive and accepting in conversation.
Signature skill: interfacing / electrochemistry / pain threshold (take your pick and skill-up the others)
Key skill(s): physique

‘I just Wanna Retire’ Detective

Has seen it all. Very knowledgeable and knows how the world works. Going through the motions. Sarcastic in conversation. Avoids physical confrontations.
Signature skill: encyclopedia
Key skill(s): intellect, psyche

Bent Copper Detective

Corrupt and confrontational. Out for number one. Will throw anyone under the bus for personal gain. Calm under pressure. Highly aware and instinctive. Will play mind games and plant thoughts/ideas. Both deceptive and defensive in dialogue.
Signature skill: savoir faire / composure
Key skill(s): motorics

Did you find any of these useful? What character builds have you created or plan to develop? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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