DayZ Reviewed

DayZ, a survival horror game published by Bohemia Interactive, sees you spawn inside a map shared by ‘infected’ zombies and other online players. With little in your inventory and various dangers to react to, your aim is to stay alive for as long as possible in a brutally harsh environment.

The storyline is open to the player’s imagination, with many different ways to experience the game – do you play as a lone wolf, team up with friends, play as a bandit, hero or even become a horticulture expert! There’s a great deal of variety to suit the tastes of most aspiring survivors. All loot has some use, but with a limited carry capacity you’ll have to be selective about what you take and what you leave.

You’ll develop an emotional attachment to your character, sharing their trials and tribulations as you perform tasks to keep their vitals up (thirst, hunger, blood and health), try to improve their loot, and replace/repair tools and clothing that’s drenched or worn out, all whilst trying to avoid the clutches of infected zombies (or the barrel of another player’s gun!).

Staying alive on DayZ is hard, but it’s that challenge of survival that makes you want to play it again and again.

Sandbox games offer so much room for experimentation, and that’s certainly true of DayZ. With various server options, mods and even the ability to run the game on your own local server, PC players in particular can customise the experience to seemingly no end. Additional maps can be purchased or added via mods to freshen things up too, once you’ve mastered the base map, Chernarus. That might take a while though, Chernarus is vast with much to explore!

The game has a distinctive post-apocalyptic aura to it, with sound effects and background music to match. Grainy, greyscale visuals are a nice touch when your character is suffering from a disease or ailment, adding panic and realism for the player. With a similar look and feel to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R gaming franchise (albeit with more modernised graphics), gamers can once again enjoy an open-word survival experience, but with the added modern day elements that come with a popular MMO.

The game has a steep learning curve and new players will find themselves dying over and over again, as they try to master the wide-ranging tasks that will hopefully aid their survival. That it turn makes it very replayable and highly rewarding, as you gradually learn to perform the wide variety of tasks and actions. From meeting friends, looting and hunting, to building campfires, foraging and generally exploring, you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied. Perseverance and online guides and tutorials will be your best friends early-game. There’s a fantastic community with plenty of advice and guidance to help you survive DayZ.



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