Nomadic Mechanic

The ‘Nomadic Mechanic’ is a fully detailed playing style developed for Cyberpunk 2077.

A person who does not stay long in the same place; a wonderer.

Dialogue / Persona

  • Humorous with clan/close friends (jokes, sarcasm)
  • Abrasive/rude with law figures and enemies
  • Loyal
  • No fan of authority/police
  • Always looking to make a buck (but generous of time/money with clan/close acquaintances)

Combat / Weapons

  • Best strategy / best tools for the job (mixed playing style)
  • Weapon of choice: shotgun + explosive devices/projectiles (grenades, rpg’s)


  • Takes risks / big scores
  • Side jobs
  • Contraband / smuggling

Free Roaming

  • Trader nomad – makes and sells products
  • Dismantles items for parts
  • Makes money on the go
  • Lots of map roaming, looking for opportunities
  • Travels light


  • Weapon modder
  • Car/bike collector

The First Nomad Code

  • Protect & respect your clan, and especially your family
  • You are worth as much as your word
  • Share with others in your clan
  • Respect the privacy and well-being of your clan
  • Never put your clan in danger
  • Always take honest pay for honest work

The New Nomad Code

  • Protect your family and clan – in that order
  • Do not steal from anyone in your clan
  • Do not keep for yourself that which may help another in your clan


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