Baldur’s Gate 3: Gnome Ranger Build

You’ve always felt you had a greater calling, but it has never borne fruit. Everything changes when you awaken imprisoned on an alien ship. Perhaps your time has finally come.


Build: Gnome Ranger


  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity 15
  • Constitution 12
  • Intelligence 15
  • Wisdom 14
  • Charisma 10


  • Athletics
  • Investigation
  • Nature
  • Animal Handling
  • Perception
  • Survival
Race: Gnome | Sub Race: Forrest Gnome
Even smaller than their cousins and twice as reclusive, forest gnomes are a rare sight in Faerûn. They master magic and craftsmanship in their distant, idyllic groves.

Class: Ranger (Fighting Style: Archery)
Rangers are unrivalled scouts and trackers, honing a deep connection with nature in order to hunt their favoured prey.

Background: Outlander
You grew up in the wilds, learning to survive far from the comforts of civilisation. Surviving unusual hazards of the wild will enhance your prowess and understanding.

Playing Style:

  • Good spirited character, witty humour
  • Intelligent conversationalist, calm & collected
  • Animal whisperer, one with nature, great knowledge of herbs
  • Ranged-based combatant, expert archer
  • Nature based spells (animals, weather)
  • Light clothing of natural materials, travels light

Other Build Ideas

  • Human Bard
  • Mercenary Knight
  • Evil Sorceress
  • Elf Paladin


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