Mercenary for Hire

Awakening in the New World

Mitch Gray is a mercenary for hire. He’s a crack shot sniper and demolitions expert.

  1. Introducing Mitch Gray
  2. Awakening in the New World
  3. Ridding the Streets of Mutants
  4. Visiting Diamond City
  5. Shooting Practice
  6. Gimme that Weave
  7. Defecting to BOS
After 200 years in stasis, Mitch awakens from his vault to find that the world he once knew is a very different place.

The world’s gone to shit…

Feeling really dazed, I woke up inside some kind of cryogenic chamber to find that everyone else in the shelter had long since died. Dusty corpses lay everywhere. After scouring the vault I managed to find a Pip-Boy and made my way up to the surface.

Something terrible had happened for sure. I was struggling to remember much but the world around me was in ruins; buildings and towns were dilapidated and there were high levels of radiation in the region. I seemed to have these imprinted survival instincts to loot the area for resources and anything I could weaponise myself with, something I felt I’d been trained to do.

I headed downhill in search of shelter and any signs of life, to a location labelled Sanctuary on my Pip-Boy. That’s where I found a robot called Codsworth. He looked familiar somehow and seemed to recognised me. He filled me in on the disaster and who I was. It all started flooding back to me… I’m an ex-military sniper and I’ve been in stasis for 200 years! He pointed me in the direction of a place called Concord, where he says I’ll find some other people and hopefully some more answers.

It’s a vicious place out there. I ran into a lot of aggressive creatures en route – feral ghouls, mutant hounds and mole rats. That 10mm pistol I looted from the vault came in real handy, but I’m going to need better weaponry and some armour.

Along the way I met a dog who’s taken a liking to me. With few friendlies in the area I’m happy to have the company. I’ve named him ‘Dog Meat’.

When I reached Concord I had to rescue this group called the Minuteman. They were camped out in a Museum surrounded by raiders, so I picked off a few hostiles thinking it’d be good to be owed one. This Preston fella tried to convince me to join their group but I turned him down. In this world you’ve gotta look after number one and they wanted something for nothing. I had to kill a deathclaw to save their asses, what more do they want! Fortunately it wasn’t a complete waste of a trip, I found a sniper rifle and managed to convince them to pay up before escorting them back to Sanctuary.

Preston gave me directions to a place called Diamond City. Sounds like a good spot to trade some loot and find work. Now that I’ve got my rifle I should be able to get some decent pay – I am a sniper after all.




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